Astrosaur is

Eirik Kråkenes // Steinar Glas // Jonatan Eikum


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Astrosaur is a band from Oslo, Norway playing instrumental rock music. 

"One of the biggest surprises of the festival was surely the acclaimed show of the young trio Astrosaur. Instrumental post-rock doesn’t even come close to do the band justice. The influences that have found their way into the sound landscapes are simply too copious. Sometimes spherically drifting, sometimes jazzily expansive, sometimes bluesy jamming, sometimes dynamically restrained, sometimes heavily dooming – even references to the early Mastodon and The Ocean’s instrumental masterpiece Pelagial can be found. Incredibly much happens during the mostly overlong compositions. Nevertheless do the Norwegians manage to build up a musical maelstrom and tell stories with highs and lows. Surely not an easy task without a lyrical component. With it come mostly abstract screen-projections especially tailored to the music; no stage lights are used except for two blue spots. Due to the skillful intertwining of songs there aren’t many opportunities for applauding, but those that arise are used all the more euphorically. Friends of experimental instrumental music should definitely keep this band on their radar." Metal Hammer Germany